Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Love on My Mind Tonight" by The Temptations

Song#:  1413
Date:  04/16/1983
Debut: 88
Peak:  88
Weeks:  3
Genre:  R&B

Pop Bits:  After a solid rebound with their "Reunion" album and their #6 R&B collaboration with Rick James, "Standing on the Top (Part 1)" (#66 Pop), the Temps decided to change up their sound a bit and incorporate more dance and rock elements to their next LP "Surface Thrills." This first single didn't exactly light up the R&B chart with its #17 peak and Pop was unimpressed as well with the song peaking where it debuted. The album flopped as did their next effort "Back to Basics." The group needed a reset and they would do so the following year when lead vocalist Dennis Edwards would be ushered out of the group in favor of new vocalist Ali-Ollie Woodson.

ReduxReview:  This easy groovin' song doesn't have much to offer except for the vocals. The chorus is much better than what the verse would leave you to believe, but its not quite enough to make this a real chart contender. The Temps were struggling during this period and with material like this, it's no wonder.

ReduxRating:  4/10

Trivia:  For the "Back to Basics" album, a new vocalist was hired to join the Temps. Ron Tyson was a successful R&B singer/songwriter in Philly when he was asked to join the Temps after Glenn Leonard left. The plan was for the group to do a few shows with Tyson so he could have a little time to adapt to everything. Unfortunately, due to some weather related issues, that plan went out the window. Instead, Tyson would have to make his stage debut with the group in front of an audience of millions. The Temps were scheduled to appear on the now-famous TV special "Motown 25" (the one where Michael Jackson moonwalks). It was baptism by fire and Tyson made it through his first Temps performance just fine.


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