Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran

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Song#:  1295
Date:  12/25/1982
Debut:  77
Peak:  3
Weeks:  23
Genre:  New Wave, Synthpop

Pop Bits:  Formed in 1978, this band settled on a lineup in 1981, signed with EMI, and released their self-titled debut album. Considered part of the UK's New Romantic scene, they placed three singles on the UK chart including the #5 "Girls on Film." However, the success didn't translate to the US and the singles and album flopped. Their follow-up LP, "Rio," got released in May of '82 and started off well with the UK #14 "My Own Way," but it was this song that got them their second #5 hit. Again, US audiences remained numb to their music. However, an EP of remixes called "Carnival" gained traction in US dance clubs and it caused EMI to change their marketing strategy in the States. Most of the "Rio" album got remixed to be more dance-oriented and was reissued in the US. The remix of this single started to get airplay and with the help of an impressive (for the time) video that received heavy play on MTV, Duran Duran finally hit it big in the States.

ReduxReview:  Like most of Duran Duran's lyrics, this one is totally lost on me. I mean, I kind of get the gist, but it still makes no sense. And yet, who cares? This is just a great song and an absolute classic from the era. The Indiana Jones-ish video was a big deal at the time too. It was exotic, sexy, and well-filmed, especially for the early era of MTV. The band would go on to have other excellent singles, but this one was king of them all.


Trivia:  Double Shot!  1) Duran Duran began playing clubs around Birmingham, England, and the one particular area had several venues. One of the clubs was called Barbarella's. Named after the campy 1968 sci-fi film starring Jane Fonda, the rock club sparked inspiration for the band's name. The movie featured the character Dr. Durand Durand and with one slight spelling modification, Duran Duran was born.  2) The stylized video for this song was highly popular and it ended up winning the inaugural Grammy award for the Best Short Form Video.


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