Sunday, May 24, 2015

"On the Loose" by Saga

Song#:  1267
Date:  12/04/1982
Debut:  86
Peak:  26
Weeks:  18
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  It took a couple albums before this Canadian prog-rock band was able to make some headway. Their third album, 1980's "Silent Knight," finally got them on the Canadian chart while generating some interest in other countries. This set them up well for 1981's "Worlds Apart." The album featured their first Canadian Top 40 hit with "Wind Him Up" (#22) and that allowed the LP to reach the same peak. It would take over a year for the album to catch on in the States, but it finally did thanks to this single that hit #3 on the Mainstream Rock chart. The song then crossed over to pop and reached the Top 30. This album would reach #29 and eventually become a gold-seller.

ReduxReview:  I did like this song back in the day but didn't buy it or even thing to do so. Flash forward years later when I heard this song on a compilation and immediately fell in love. How could you not? It has about everything you'd want in a rock song - solid vocals, an urgent feel, keys and guitar licks that make it sound kind of prog-rock-y, and a great verse/chorus. They almost sounds like a more serious Loverboy. I'm glad I got to rediscover this gem.

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  Beginning with their self-titled 1978 debut album, Saga would include a couple of songs where "Chapter" and a number would follow the title, such as "No Regrets (Chapter 5)" from the "Worlds Apart" album. Appearing out of sync on various albums ("Worlds Apart" had Chapter 5 and 8), when collected these created a song cycle about an insect-like alien race who finds Albert Einstein's brain, brings it to life in a new body, and then uses Einstein to bring understanding between them and humans. Of course, it is meant to save humans from destroying themselves as well. Chapters appeared on Saga's first four albums and then continued with their 1999 album "Full Circle." A total of 16 Chapters were release over various albums but were never compiled into one full work. However, in 2003 Saga played a concert where they performed all the Chapter songs in order. It was recorded and released in 2005 as "The Chapters Live."


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