Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Goody Two Shoes" by Adam Ant

Song#:  1246
Date:  11/13/1982
Debut:  85
Peak:  12
Weeks: 21
Genre:  New Wave

Pop Bits:  Stuart Goddard started playing in bands in the mid-70s. An overdose sidelined him for a while but upon release from the hospital, he took on the name Adam Ant and set out to form a new band. Adam and the Ants became part of the UK punk scene and released their debut album, "Dirk Wears White Sox," in 1979. Ant then sought out the Sex Pistol's manager Malcolm McLaren to also take his band on as clients. McLaren did, but ended up taking the Ants and forming Bow Wow Wow with them and singer Annabella Lwin. Ant was left on his own, but on McLaren's advice he formed a new Ant band. They recorded and released the LP "Kings of the Wild Frontier." It was a #1 hit in the UK bolstered by three Top 10 singles. Their next album "Prince Charming" was also a smash featuring two #1 hits. But issues with the band caused Ant to break away and go solo. His first solo album, "Friend or Foe," contained this single that finally broke him through to the US. The single reached #1 in the UK while just missing out on the US Top 10, where it would remain his biggest hit.

ReduxReview:  Nope. I wasn't having it. I thought the song and Ant were kind of smarmy. I didn't care for the beat or the lyrics (mainly the corny phrase of the title). I couldn't wait for the song to disappear from the charts. Well, as has happened with other song, these days I hear it differently. I think it is kind of fun and it's one of those songs that was right up my mom's alley for dancing. I still don't think it is a great tune, but I don't rush to turn it off now.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  The first band Ant joined was called Bazooka Joe. At a 1975 gig that they headlined, their opening act made their debut public performance. The Sex Pistols took the stage and started to do a loud, raucous set. This included some trashing of Bazooka Joe's equipment. The set got cut short and apparently there was a bit of a brawl on stage between the bands. It set the tone for The Sex Pistols' wild, brief career.


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