Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Whatcha Gonna Do" by Chilliwack

Song#:  1224
Date:  10/23/1982
Debut:  76
Peak:  41
Weeks:  13
Genre:  Rock, Pop

Pop Bits:  This Canadian band would reach their peak in the US with their LP "Wanna Be a Star," which featured two Top 40 entries including the #22 "My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)." The trio's next album, "Opus X," would be another major hit in their homeland reaching #12 and going platinum. In the US, it didn't do as well with this first single only able to reach the dreaded #41 spot (#9 Canada). It would end up being their last song to hit the US chart.

ReduxReview:  This song has a fun, catchy chorus that grabs your attention right from the start and I initially though - wow, this is great! But then the verse kicked in and it totally lost me (the song has an odd A,B,C structure that begins with the chorus. A and B are great. C is where the trouble starts - you'll hear it...). I keep hoping the more I listen to the song I'll get used to it and like it better. But that dang verse keeps bringing the song to a screeching halt. Soooo close to being awesome...

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  This album ended up winning a Juno award for two of its members. Bill Henderson and Brian MacLeod won the Producer of the Year award. The group seemed to be on a roll, but with their US label going out of business and other issues, MacLeod and the trio's third member, Ab Bryant, left the group. Henderson would soldier on for one more album under the Chilliwack name, but it didn't do well and the band folded.


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