Monday, April 13, 2015

"I Wouldn't Beg for Water" by Sheena Easton

Song#:  1226
Date:  10/30/1982
Debut:  86
Peak:  64
Weeks:  7
Genre:  Pop, Adult Contemporary

Pop Bits:  Easton tried to get out of the ballad rut with upbeat "Machinery," the first single from her album "Madness, Money & Music." Unfortunately, it didn't connect with listeners and it peaked at a low #57. This second single returned her to more familiar ballad territory, but it too couldn't muster much of a showing at pop. However, it did at least reach #19 at AC. Easton's fortunes were dwindling and she needed a reversal stat. Luckily, she would score big with a duet soon.

ReduxReview:  I've always thought this was a nice ballad and Easton goes all diva to the rafters with her epic note. Sadly, I think folks were getting tired of her big ballads and started to ignore her. After some significant success, she seemed to be in a rut. But I think this slow burner is worthy of another listen.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  Later in the 80s, Easton began to dabble in acting. One of her first major rolls was on the hit TV show "Miami Vice." In season four, she had a five episode stint as Caitlin Davies. Her character married Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson), but she ended up getting killed by one of Crockett's enemies.


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