Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Love Light" by Yutaka

Song#:  0673
Date:  07/18/1981
Debut:  85
Peak:  81
Weeks:  3
Genre:  Smooth Jazz

Pop Bits:  Keyboardist/koto player Yutaka Yokokura (born in Japan) discovered jazz fusion and Brazilian music at an early age and had his own band that performed in a style similar to Sergio Mendes. After moving to the States for college, he had an opportunity to work with the popular fusion/smooth jazz group Hiroshima. After a few years, he then struck out on his own for a solo album that was produced by the great Dave Grusin. "Love Light" was initially only released in Japan in 1978. Three years later, this song got some attention and found its way to the pop chart (his only one to do so). This prompted a US release of the album. Afterwards, Yutaka spent the next decade mainly as a studio musician. He finally issued a follow-up album in 1988.

ReduxReview:  I'm not surprised this got some airplay. With A Taste of Honey's "Sukiyaki" being a hit and smooth jazz songs finding their way into the Top 20, it created an opportunity for this song, which plays like a combo of the two. The lyrics are cheezy, but the tune is nice and goes down easy. It may have been a bit too jazzy-smooth to make a bigger dent at pop, but it probably could have done a bit better with some promotion.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  This song features vocals by R&B/jazz artist Patti Austin, who would have a major hit of her own in another year.



  1. Hi Friend! I absolutely love this song. I have this song in my collection, but not the parent album. I do have Yutaka's 3 other albums which are all very nice. FYI - one little correction - A Taste of Honey (not Sister Sledge) did "Sukiyaki". That is another fine performance. For other Asian/smooth jazz-fusion, the group Hiroshima & pianist Keiko Matsui are very good! Thank you for featuring this wonderful song!

    1. Thanks for the correction! How did I miss that? I mean, I own the record...geez. Appreciate the comment.