Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Seduced" by Leon Redbone

Song#:  0559
Date:  04/11/1981
Debut:  89
Peak:  72
Weeks:  6
Genre:  Blues, Pop

Pop Bits:  Although known for his distinctive voice and appearance (featuring a suit, fedora, sunglasses and mustache), not much is truly know about this performer. The Canadian (though not by birth apparently) was first recognized by Bob Dylan and that in-turn lead to a recording contract. He issued his first album of old-time vaudeville jazz and blues in 1975 and he became a bit of a musical fixture on the early years of "Saturday Night Live." If you don't recognize his music, you probably will recognize his voice as it has been used in many commercials. His music is not really the type to receive a lot of pop airplay, but his fourth album "From Branch to Branch" featured this lone chart single. His music and enigmatic persona has garnered him a sizable cult following and he has continued to tour and release albums sporadically over the years.

ReduxReview:  How this oddball song got on the chart is beyond me. It borders on novelty, so maybe that did the trick. It is a fun little song, but I can't imagine listening to the radio back in the day and having this come on. I like Redbone's voice and the material he covers, but it is more fringe/cult area than pop-ular. If you find this interesting, look up some of his early albums. These types of albums rarely come about these days.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  Double Shot!  1) Redbone sang the opening credits song for the TV show "Mr. Belvedere," which ran from 1985-1990 on ABC.  2) This song's writer is Gary Tigerman. In addition to songwriting, Tigerman dabbled in acting as well. "Lost in Space" fans may know him from an episode where he played Oggo the Cave Boy.


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