Friday, July 19, 2013

"Lipstick" by Suzi Quatro

Song#:  0461
Date:  01/24/1981
Debut:  90
Peak:  51
Weeks:  9
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  This Detroit native had minor success in her home country with only the #4 "Stumblin' In" (1979) her only big chart hit. However, in the UK/Europe and Australia she was a star with #1 songs and hit albums - to the tune of 50 million sold. She has been cited by many as a groundbreaking musician by being the first true female rocker who could write/play/lead a band and give the boys a run. Producer Mickie Most is the one who picked up Quatro and took her to the UK and kickstarted her career, but for some reason it didn't translate to major stardom in the US. For most folks here, you mention her name and they think of her portrayal of "Leather Tuscadero" in the TV show "Happy Days," most likely her biggest success here along with the one hit single. Her seventh album "Rock Hard" contained this single, which would be her last chart entry.

ReduxReview:  Written by the hit songwriting team of Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn, this is kind of odd song with attitude and interesting lyrics. It kind of reminds me of "Gloria" (the Them song, not Laura Branigan's). I think this would stand out on radio, but not sure if many pop radio fans would warm up to this song. I kind of dig it.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  Quatro began her career in a band that included two of her sisters called The Pleasure Seekers. They issued a couple of singles and then later changed their name to Cradle. It was while she was in Cradle that Mickie Most spotted her and offered a contract. Her sister Patty went on to be a part of the all-female band Fanny, which were also highly influential despite a lack of hits.


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