Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Leaving L.A." by Deliverance

Song#:  0316
Date:  08/30/1980
Debut:  81
Peak:  71
Weeks:  5
Genre:  Soft Rock

Pop Bits:  Three brothers, Danny, Ken and Paul Janz, were the main members of this group. Although originally from Canada, the group was formed in Germany as a Christian pop/rock band. They released three albums in that genre before recording "Tightrope," their first LP to not be Christian based. The mainstream album generated this single which didn't make too many waves here, but did a bit better in Canada. Unfortunately, lawsuits regarding their name and copyright issues took a toll on the band and they split in 1981.

ReduxReview:  I have to agree with some comments I've read about this song in that it sounds like a leftover track from an Andy Gibb session; not quite a BeeGee's tune, but like something Barry produced for Andy. It's a breezy tune and a pleasant listen, but nothing that really leaves a big impression. It just kind of makes me want to listen to the BeeGees.

ReduxRating:  5/10

Trivia:  Paul Janz continued on with a successful solo career and release a string of chart singles in Canada including the #5 "Every Little Tear" (1990). After his last recording in 1992, Janz left the music business. He is currently a Professor of Philosophical Theology at King's College London.


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