Thursday, March 7, 2013

"He's So Shy" by The Pointer Sisters

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Song#:  0273
Date:  07/26/1980
Debut:  83
Peak:  3
Weeks:  26
Genre:  Pop, R&B

Pop Bits:  Originally a quartet, the sisters had some good success in the early 70s with their campy jazz-driven 40's sound. They would try to update their sound a bit as the decade wore on, but by 1977 the group was splintering. Bonnie left the group for a solo career and June needed a break. Ruth and Anita were also spending time raising families, but the duo wanted to move ahead and decided to change the direction of the group. Out was the nostalgia and in was a fresh pop sound. By the time they got around to recording a new album, June had popped back in the picture and the modern era of the sisters was launched. They hit big out of the gate with a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Fire," hitting #2 in 1978. Two years later, this smash was released and it pretty much duplicated the success of "Fire." The song also got them a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Group. Before the 80s were over, the trio would go on to have another five Top 10's on the chart.

ReduxReview:  This is just terrific pop sung to perfection. Although it sounds a little dated now, I've always loved the keyboard solo in the middle. When the Pointers got the right material, they would hit it out of the park.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  In the earlier years, the group was known for their ability to do all types of music. They recorded the song "Fairytale," written by Anita and Bonnie, which was a country-oriented tune. It ended up being a crossover hit in 1974 reaching #13 on the pop chart and #37 on the country chart. Although it wasn't a major country hit, it was enough to earn them a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Group and also get Anita and Bonnie nominations for Best Country Song.


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  1. Chart Run: 83 - 73 - 63 - 52 - 47 - 39 - 33 - 27 - 20 - 18 - 15 - 12 - 5 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 8 - 17 - 17 - 26 - 37 - 40 - 63 - 63 - 74 - 74