Thursday, December 27, 2012

"I Can Survive" by Triumph

Song#:  0197
Date:  06/07/1980
Debut:  91
Peak:  91
Weeks:  2
Genre:  Hard Rock, Prog Rock

Pop Bits:  This Canadian power trio were often compared to their fellow countrymen Rush. But unlike Rush who had their critical successes, Triumph rarely got love from reviewers. That hardly mattered as they gained a large and loyal fan base through their tours and managed to sell ten consecutive gold or platinum albums in Canada. Breaking through to the US proved more difficult, but with their touring reputation and a few minor chart entries, the group managed to sell some albums here as well. This single from their album "Progressions of Power" came close to being a one-week wonder on the chart.

ReduxReview:  Besides being a Canadian rock trio, I don't find much in common with Rush. Especially since I like Rush. Triumph is more straight-ahead hard rock as demonstrated with this song. They are a talented group that have fired off a couple of good songs, but overall I tend to side with critics who were not impressed with their material. This is an okay song but it could be any rock band performing this. Triumph just didn't have that extra thing that makes a band identifiable.

ReduxRating:  4/10

Trivia:  Guitarist Ric Emmet had many influences and is proficient at many styles such as classical, bluegrass, and jazz. Each Triumph album has an instrumental song that showcases Emmet. On "Progressions of Power," that song is "Finger Talkin'," which highlights a flamenco style combined with a little folk/country.


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