Friday, November 16, 2012

"It's a Night for Beautiful Girls" by The Fools

Song#:  0140
Date:  04/19/1980
Debut:  79
Peak:  67
Weeks:  4
Genre:  Rock, Power Pop

Pop Bits:  This Massachusetts group captured the attention of EMI with this Boston radio hit. EMI signed them and then sent them out on tour in support of The Knack. They recorded their debut album after the tour and this song served as the first single. They managed one more studio album for EMI before steadily releasing their own albums. They still continue to play around the Boston area with their brand of party music, humorous originals, covers and parodies.

ReduxReview:  I can't say that I really like this song, but it is very interesting. It's beat is interesting and not really typical for pop radio at the time. Hearing some of their other songs, I can see why they went on tour with The Knack. They kind of have a Knack vs. Cheap Trick, vs. Police feel. They sound like solid musicians and the production on this song is quite good. Not outstanding, but definitely an interesting single.

ReduxRating:  5/10

Trivia:  The Fools first Boston radio hit was a song called "Psycho Chicken." It was a parody of the Talking Head's "Psycho Killer." There was even a video...oh, my...


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