Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Hearts Hotel" by Dan Fogelberg

Song#:  0099
Date:  03/22/1980
Debut:  76
Peak:  21
Weeks:  3
Genre:  Pop, Soft Rock

Pop Bits:  When John Denver started to drift off the charts, Fogelberg kind of took up the mantle of the back-to-nature, mountainy, country-rock guy. He had a couple of smaller chart hits under his belt before "Longer" found its way to #2 just a few weeks prior to this chart date. "Hearts Hotel" was the follow-up single. Sadly, Fogelberg passed away from prostate cancer in 2007.

ReduxReview:  I really enjoy Fogelberg's music. I'm not too keen on the dreamy AC love pop like "Longer," but this tune is something I can get into.  This song gave a hint at what was to come on his next album "The Innocent Age" - it could have easily fit on that LP. He often had excellent arrangements and I like this one very much.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  While a huge hit in the US, "Longer" only peaked at #59 in the UK and it remained his only chart song there - even when his next album produced three Top 10 hits here. I guess just as some UK artists don't translate well here, the same can be said in reverse.



  1. How do you rate the song "Longer"? Me I give it a 7/10, while I like the song I don't rank it among one of Dan's best hits, I thought his best songs were "Hard To Say" (9/10) and "Leader Of The Band" (8/10)

    1. Same. "Longer" is a lovely tune, but there are several others in his catalog I would consider as being better. The two you mentioned are favorites along with "Nether Lands," "The Reach," "The Power of Gold," and "Stolen Moments."