Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome to PopRedux80!

Today begins my journey through every pop hit from 1980 through 1989. It was a wonderful and odd decade for music that began with the decline of disco and the first mainstream rap track ("Rapper's Delight") creeping up the pop chart. Soon, new wave would be gaining ground and there would be bigger hair and louder colors. The MTV generation was about to be born and I was transfixed by it all. Along the way I listened to and purchased a ton of music, but on occasion I still will discover an artist or song that I had missed. So I thought why not listen to them all? And that is what I intend to do; listen to all the chart hits of the 80s and post some information and personal reviews on them in the hopes that a few folks who love this era of music will connect and follow along. Expectations for myself and for anyone who follows is to rediscover and enjoy great music from the era and perhaps uncover some lost gems along the way. Information about the blog can be found on the page links at the top. Coming up next will be the inaugural post for PopRedux80. So grab your hair mousse and put on your parachute pants - it is time to get back to the 80s!


  1. Good luck! Looking forward to the posts.

  2. Sounds like fun...I'm ready.....