Monday, September 10, 2012

"Let Me Go, Love" by Nicolette Larson

Song#:  0011
Date:  01/12/1980
Debut: 82
Peak: 35
Weeks: 11
Genre: Pop

Pop Bits:  Previously a session vocalist with Emmylou Harris, Commander Cody, Neil Young, and others,  Larson had a great hit right out of the box with Young's "Lotta Love." Unfortunately, she could not maintain the momentum and this lead single from her second album didn't help matters. Michael McDonald co-wrote and sang on the song but that didn't help much and her hit days on the chart were pretty much over.

ReduxReview:  Since the Doobie's under McDonald were hot-hot-hot at the time, they probably thought the double coup of having McDonald write and sing would be enough to make this a hit. That was a miscalculation and no one probably want to tell him that he wrote a really boring song. This is a smooth-pop snooze fest with his vocals burying hers. She sounds nothing like the "Lotta Love" singer. Just how forgettable is this song? I listened to it 5 times and a few minutes later - I couldn't even hum a single note of it.

ReduxRating:  4/10

Trivia:  Larson got a lot of great help on her first album including guitar work from none other than Eddie Van Halen on "Can't Get Away from You." She returned the favor by being the only female vocalist to appear on a Van Halen album when she contributed to "Could This Be Magic?" from their "Women and Children First" album.



  1. Here is my take on this: I'm a huge fan of Michael McDonald's work. I don't remember this song, and I'm likely to forget about it moments after writing this note. Bah to this song. Bah! - M

  2. Chart Run: 82 - 69 - 59 - 53 - 43 - 39 - 35 - 35 - 60 - 74 - 98